We're Hiring New People

join us today & build someting huuuge!

We are humans

We have families. It's very important to us to have time to live our lives not only work.

We care about each others. If your car is broken or you need help with something we're here.

We like pizza, fishing, playing games and spending free time in way we like.

We play fair

We have simple, clear payment rules with periodic bonuses.

Payment is always on time. You can plan your expenses.

Work without pressure. Unless we have a deadline :)

Career paths

You can join us only for one project or stay for long time.

No matter if you are developer with a lot of experiance or none.

No matter if you are PHP developer, front-end developer, wordpress developer or project manager.

It depends what you want. We can offer one or more career paths. It's our job to create your workplace and possibility to growth.

Just leave you contact and tell us what you preffer.

Our team says

It's very important to me to learn new tricks. Here I can learn from senior developer. He's really good at.


I like to have some time for my own projects.


I can work at home in slippers. I like to feel comfortable. Usually I work at home on my computer.


I know that together we can do big projects in good atmosphere.


I like flexibility in working hours, technology and support other teamates.


We are looking for

People with some skills and mitovation to grow

See job details and contact us via form below.

Work details

  • Remote / office work on your own computer or one of ours
  • Hourly rate from 15 to 30 PLN/hour (on hand) based on your skills
  • From 5 to 8 hours daily working time
  • Flexible working hours
  • Montly payment, B2B (preffered) or contract

We offer

  • Honesty and fair treatment
  • Internal training with other team members
  • Opportunity to grow in any direction
  • Live team meetings with shared meals
  • Team members support
  • No-stress atmosphere


  • Basic knowledge of html, css, JS, PHP, jQuery
  • Focus on long-term grow
  • Experiance with web developement process
  • Basic knowledge how to use Wordpress
  • Focus on details and precision
  • Basic knowledge of RWD, Bootstrap
  • How to use DevTools, reCAPTCHA, GA, GTM, Google Maps

If you wan't to find more information read this article

Work details

More details? Contact us via form below.

Work details

More details? Contact us via form below.

Work details

More details? Contact us via form below.

Work details

More details? Contact us via form below.

We can do

Project management | Wordpress developement | PHP developer | PSD to HTML | Front-end coding | Wordpress custom themes | Wordpress custom plugins | Wordpress integration | Securing Wordpress | Restoring Wordpress after attack | Location Manager Wordpress Plugin | 3D apartment search Wordpress Plugin | 3D apartment search Wordpress Plugin | Custom web applications

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